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In consideration of your acceptance of my child as a participant in the Club. The Club, their Board of Directors, members, organizers, sponsors, coaches and persons transporting my child to and from activities, from and against any claim arising out of injury or harm to any child incidental to, connected with or arising out of Club activities. All sports have intrinsic hazards. Participation in the Club implies acceptance of some risk of injury.


To request a refund please send an email to the registrar – and refunds will be reviewed on a case by case basis.


 If a player is injured prior to April 15 and unable to return to play a full refund minus the $25 fee will be issued. Players injured after April 15 will receive a credit towards player registration fees the following summer. The amount of refund will be determined by date of injury. Please contact club registrar for more details


When LAYSA is forming teams, the following criteria will be used to move players up if the numbers are low and the lower age team has an adequate number of players, a try-out may be necessary as well: 

  1. Grade
  2. Date of Birth

Again, low numbers for a team means two or fewer subs.  Parents can decline the request for the child to move up.


A parent may request their child to move up an age level, the request must be submitted in writing to the registrar and will be considered by the board based on the needs of each team in question.  We have to remember to do what is best for the whole program, not one or two children.  If a player is moved up, it will be for that season only.  It will not be permanent.

All parent requests submitted in a timely manner will be considered by the team formation committee until teams are formed. Team formation begins just after the deadline for past participant to register without incurring an added fee. Parent requests must be submitted in writing to the registrar.


Soccer is a team sport. As a member of a team, I understand I am making a commitment to a team and accept the following responsibilities:

  • I will respect the facilities, equipment, other players, coaches, fans and officials with respect regardless of race, sex, creed or ability.
  • I will be fully responsible for my own actions and the consequences of my actions.
  • I will respect and obey the rules and Code of Conduct set forth by LAYSA and US Club Soccer before, during and after the games/practices.
  • I will model sportsmanship and abide by the decisions of the referees, coaches and officials.
  • I will not engage in physical or verbal confrontations with other players, officials, coaches or fans.
  • I will not use nor have possession of alcohol, tobacco or other drugs and understand any violation of the nature will be reported to US Club Soccer. (The Brainerd School District enforces their Zero Tolerance for drug, tobacco and alcohol use/possession throughout the entire calendar year. Any violation of this type will be reported to the players’ school district by LAYSA.)
  • I understand that while traveling, my coach is not responsible for my supervision or conduct during non-game time and activities and I will conduct myself in a respectable manner as a representative of LAYSA, my team and my community.
  • I need to make every effort to be at all practices and games on time and with all necessary equipment and will communicate absences to my coach in advance.
  • I will report violations of the LAYSA and US Club Soccer rules and Code of Conduct to my coach or directly to the LAYSA Board.

Violations of this Code of Conduct and the US Club Soccer rules will be addressed by the LAYSA Board of Directors which will use the following guidelines:

  • 1st offense: Letter from LAYSA defining discipline and restitution.
  • 2nd offense: 2 game suspension and 5 hours of service to the club.
  • 3rd offense: Season suspension from all games and practices. A hearing will also be held to determine the player’s eligibility for future play.

Please note: The Disciplinary Committee is empowered to skip directly to the second of third level if an incident is deemed sufficiently serious, for example: violent behavior or use of drugs, alcohol or tobacco.


Parents can be a very positive influence on the game of soccer and are encouraged to attend as many games as possible to support their children. However, being a spectator is not without responsibility. Parents and spectators of the LAYSA events are expected to:

  • Treat all players, parents, coaches, officials and team managers with respect regardless of race, sex, creed or ability.
  • Never approach a referee before, during or after a competition to comment on or complain about a call made by the officiating staff. Please calmly talk to the coach or contact the LAYSA board.
  • Encourage fair play and respect for the laws of the game and Code of Conduct.
  • Remember that children are playing for their enjoyment, not yours.
  • Refrain from the use of tobacco, alcohol or controlled substances during a LAYSA event. You will be asked to leave the field of play if you are using these substances.
  • Support my child’s participation by making sure they attend practices and games, including arriving on time with necessary equipment and are picked up on time at the completion of practice or games.
  • Be responsible for my child during non-game time while the team is traveling, including proper supervision and enforcement of curfew and LAYSA Codes of Conduct.
  • Report violations of the rules and regulation laid out by LAYSA or US Club Soccer to the LAYSA Board.

Violation of this code will result in a review by the LAYSA Board, which will use the following guidelines:

  • 1st offense: Letter from LAYSA defining discipline and restitution.
  • 2nd offense: Suspension from attending games for the remainder of the season.
  • 3rd offense: PARENT & PLAYER suspended for the remainder of the season & a hearing to determine the player’s eligibility for future play.

Please note: The Disciplinary Committee is empowered to skip directly to the 3rd level if an incident is deemed sufficiently serious, for example violent behavior.


As part of The Brainerd Blast emphasis on participant safety, communications involving our minor participants should be appropriate, productive, and transparent. Effective communication concerning travel, practice or game schedules, and administrative issues among coaches, administrators, players and their families is critical. However, the use of mobile devices, web-based applications, social media, and other forms of electronic communications increases the possibility for improprieties and misunderstandings and also provides potential offenders with unsupervised and potentially inappropriate access to participants. The improper use of mobile and electronic communications can result in misconduct. Adherence to the Social Media, Mobile and Electronic Communications Policy helps reduce these risks.

All electronic communication between coach and player must be for the purpose of communicating information about team activities. Coaches, players and all team personnel must follow common sense guidelines regarding the volume and time of day of any allowed electronic communication. All content between coaches and players should be readily available to share with the public or families of the player or coach. If the player is under the age of 18, any email, text, social media, or similar communication must also copy or include the player’s parents.


Social media makes it easy to share ideas and experiences. The Brainerd Blast recognizes, h o w e v e r , that social media, mobile and other electronic communications can be especially concerning where minor participants are involved. Coaches are prohibited from having players joined to their personal Facebook page or any other similar social media application. The exception would be unless the play is the coach’s child or related to them. To facilitate communication, an official organization or team page may be set up and players and parents may join (i.e., “friend”) the official organization or team page and coaches can communicate to players through the site. All electronic communication of any kind between coach and player, including use of social media, must be non-personal in nature and be for the purpose of communicating information about team activities or for team oriented motivational purposes. The Brainerd Blast also expects Players, Coaches and Parents alike to use common sense when using social media about the Brainerd Blast. Remember you represent Brainerd Blast when posting about SOCCER. PLEASE BE RESPECTFUL to Officials, Opposing teams, parents, coaches, other associations and locations. 


Coaches, team managers and players may GotSport email and messaging to communicate. All email and message content between coaches/team managers and players must be non-personal in nature and be for the purpose of communicating information about team activities. Emails and messages from a coach to any minor participant must include a copy to parents. ALL COMMUNICATION MUST BE THROUGH GOTSPORT APP.


Following receipt of a written request by the parents of a minor player that their child not be contacted by any form of electronic communication by coaches or other adults, the local program, team, coaches and administrators shall immediately comply with such request without any repercussions for such request.


Social media and other means of electronic communication can be used to commit abuse and misconduct (e.g., emotional, sexual, bullying, harassment, and hazing). Such communications by any employee, volunteer, independent contractor or other participant of The Brainerd Blast will not be tolerated and are considered violations of our Social Media, Mobile and Electronic Communications Policy


Infractions of The Brainerd Blast’s Social Media, Mobile and Electronic Communications Policy should be reported to the Brainerd Blast Board of Directors immediately. It will be then investigated as soon as possible.


A Brainerd Blast participant, Coach or parent of a participant who violates this Social Media, Mobile and Electronic Communications Policy is subject to appropriate disciplinary action including but not limited to suspension, permanent suspension and/or referral to law enforcement authorities


As the parent or legal guardian of Brainerd Blast player, by registering with Brainerd Blast, Brainerd Blast has permission to use my child’s photographs in websites, materials and brochures, etc. to promote the Brainerd Blast.


We love soccer and love to help families that need assistance! Financial assistance is designed to help families get through periods of financial stress. We are supported by local sponsors and service clubs to help provide these assistance opportunities to those in need.

All families requesting Financial Aid/Scholarship consideration must complete the Financial Aid application available by request from the registrar by the annual registration period deadline. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

Limited Funds

As part of the LAYSA annual budget, the association will determine a dollar amount that will be set aside for financial assistance. The total amount of assistance will be limited to the amount budgeted. Applications received AFTER the deadline will be considered based on the availability of any remaining unallocated funds. The processing of Financial Aid Applications will delay your ability to register your player for the upcoming season.


Requirements for Financial Assistance:

  1. The applicant must be in good financial standing with LAYSA and exhibit a general financial need.
  2. The applicant must be in good standing with LAYSA regarding all volunteer and fundraising requirements.
  3. Preference will be given to those applicants whose families qualify for public assistance programs such as school lunch subsidies, medical assistance, and unemployment insurance. Additional consideration will be given to applicants experiencing long-term hardship circumstances.
  4. The applicant will be asked to donate time to LAYSA to help offset the financial assistance received.
  5. The applicant will be asked to provide necessary information to justify the need for assistance.

Review Committee

  1. All Applications will be reviewed by The Financial Assistance Committee, which consists of the Registrar, Treasurer, and Communications/Marketing Team.
  2. All decisions of the Financial Assistance Committee are final; there is no appeal process.
  3. All information is kept strictly confidential.

If you have any questions, please contact any member of the Financial Assistance Committee. Their contact information can be found on the LAYSA website.